What I do

I am a holistic nutritional therapist.

I work one-to-one with women to help them get to the root cause of symptoms they want to resolve.

Through my work, I support all sorts of women, from students, yoga teachers, dancers, scientists, doctors, writers and journalists, to CEO's, artists, mothers and grandmothers. What they have in common is a desire to transform their health through nutrition and lifestyle changes that are personalised to them.

I strongly believe that becoming the expert on your own body (understanding how it functions and tuning into how you feel) is the best way to make lasting, meaningful changes.

My role is to guide and support you on that journey. I give you the tools and information you need to make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle that make sense and work for you as an individual. And the first step in doing that is getting to know you and understanding how you live your life.


Why holistic nutrition?

Women are living in un-precedented times.

We are busier than ever and bombarded with information. We face huge professional, domestic and cultural demands. We deal with stress ranging from the enormity of climate change to the personal challenges of choosing the foods that make us able to perform at our best.

This is a lot to deal with and we all process these demands differently.  It's why I believe in a tailor-made, holistic approach.

My food philosophy

What we eat impacts us on every level: it is fuel for energy, it provides the nutrients our bodies and brains need to function, it is sensory pleasure and social experience.

I love food. I believe that a positive relationship with food, which includes an awareness of how what you eat serves you, is central to good health.

But I'm also wary of any diet or approach that ascribes moral values to foods or rigid restriction. I believe in balance and flexibility, and that is what I will support you to achieve in a way that suits your particular nutritional needs.


My approach

Understanding the nutrients your body needs - and where you can find them - means you can make informed choices about the food you eat.

We are all individuals with different genetics, health histories, lifestyles and tastes. The way we eat should reflect this.

Our nutritional needs and lifestyle requirements also change at different stages of our lives. So I don't work with labels, one-size-fits-all diets or generic plans. I work with you as an individual, taking into account your past, your present and your goals for the future.

Your story

Your story is our starting point.

In your first consultation, we will discuss your health and family history in detail to build a timeline of events, we'll look in at your current diet and lifestyle and we'll work to your personal aims.  I'll introduce you to strategies that will help you make lasting changes that suit your beliefs, tastes and the details of your day to day life.

We will then go on to explore:

  • systems (the different systems in your body and how these function in your daily life)

  • self (your lifestyle, relationship with food and what you want to achieve through our work together)

  • sustenance (your diet, likes and dislikes and current eating habits).

This whole-person approach helps me understand your individual health picture. I can then work towards identifying the root causes of your symptoms with the aim of addressing any nutritional imbalances contributing to them.

Alongside this, we'll explore together the lifestyle changes that will support the dietary changes you're making. Change can be challenging so I work in partnership with you so you feel informed, supported and empowered to achieve your goals.