Prices and Plans

I offer a range of plans offering different levels of support. Find out more about what consultations include.

Essential elements - £180

Whole-person consultation plus presentation of plan. 

This can be purchased as a stand alone plan as a first step into nutritional therapy. Essential Elements also forms the foundation of all plans and any add on consultations.

A whole-person consultation results in your tailor-made nutrition and lifestyle plan, along with a 30 minute phone/FaceTime session where I explain my evidence-based recommendations and answer any questions. The essential elements you need to feel informed and motivated so you can move forward with your plan.

REFINE -  £245

essential elements plus one ongoing consultation (saving of £20).

Essential Elements plus one 45 minute ongoing consultation to revisit your original symptoms and assess how your plan is going. Following your second consultation, your plan will be refined to support your ongoing progress, building on the improvements you already feel.

Develop - £395

essential elements plus three ongoing consultations (saving of £40).

The continuing support offered in the three ongoing consultations allows us to revisit and further develop your plan. This has benefits for motivation, helping you to keep on track and encouraging long lasting change. As we work together for a more sustained period, I can provide ongoing evaluation of your symptoms and adapt your plan for even better results.

EVolve - £545

essential elements plus five ongoing consultations (saving of £60).

The Evolve plan offers the most intensive or long term support. During the five ongoing consultations I can support you to work towards longer term health goals or make more profound changes to your diet and lifestyle. By working in partnership over the course of the six sessions, we can adapt your plan in line with your evolving progress so you feel continuing improvements. 

Add on consultations

Ongoing consultation (45 minutes) - £85


Terms & conditions

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy for consultations, with the full cost of the appointment payable if it is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

Nutrition and lifestyle plans are only released once payment for the consultation or plan you have purchased is received in full.

Once purchased, consultation plans are non-refundable.