Whole-person consultation

In the consultation we have an in-depth conversation that helps me develop your personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan. This includes:

  • rating your current symptoms to understand how they affect you

  • discussing your current eating and drinking habits

  • understanding your health history

  • exploring the different systems in your body and how they relate to your health

  • discussing the realities of your day-to-day life

Your personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan includes tailored recipes and simple lifestyle changes. It often includes nutritional supplements to address imbalances. Sometimes it recommends functional tests.

After the consultation, I’ll call you to explain your plan and answer any questions. It’s important for you to understand why you are making changes as this leaves you empowered to take them on. At this stage we’ll schedule an ongoing consultation so we can assess your symptoms again.

Book your whole-person consultation which lasts 90 minutes and costs £120. Or combine this with one or more ongoing consultations for further support and better value for money.