client Testimonials


'I highly recommend Jodie! Jodie worked with me to create a custom eating plan supported with supplements and lifestyle tips to help manage stress and energy levels.

Jodie was a real pleasure to communicate with. She combined sympathy and understanding with rigour, extremely detailed knowledge and strong feedback which gave me the impetus to make some crucial changes. Her recipe recommendations were completely delicious.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but in the end I felt positive change really quickly. I experienced less stress, better sleep and an enhanced sense of well-being that resulted in me feeling much happier with more consistent energy.

Jodie was on hand to guide me whenever I had any questions and was so supportive throughout. She is a fount of information and I found that she was excellent at tailoring her practice very specifically to my individual needs. She also approaches nutrition from a health stand-point without any of the superficiality that can be associated with clean eating.

I have seen a few nutritionists in my time, and Jodie is definitely the best I have worked with... both in terms of the consultation experience and the results. Thank you Jodie!'

E, 38, Festival and Events Coordinator

'I consulted Jodie for dietary advice in early pregnancy. After being told I have 'poor ovarian reserve', suffering two early miscarriages, and then a failed attempt at IVF, I had become pregnant naturally. I wanted advice regarding nutritional support to maximise my chances of going on to have a healthy pregnancy, as well as to feel good, sleep better, and to worry less! 

Jodie was fantastic. She has a really wide knowledge-base and is a great listener. She has a warm and caring manner and puts you at ease instantly. She is also up-to-date with the latest research and realistic in her approach, which, as a doctor, I value a lot. She takes a thorough and holistic history, and works with you to tailor her plan perfectly to your individual needs. 

Jodie was on-hand via email to answer questions and share ideas. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to make dietary and lifestyle changes to help them overcome a wide range of problems, or just to live a healthier, tastier life!'

A, 36, GP

'Jodie gave me a really thorough and informative consultation looking at each of my individual systems and how well they are working. Tracking all the way back to my childhood allowed me to see where any weaknesses may have stemmed from and why I may have difficulties absorbing all the nutrients from my diet.

The plan I received was thorough but completely achievable; instilling the confidence in me to follow through in the actions. A great help and the best consultation I've had! I highly recommend Jodie!' 

D, 34, Personal Trainer

'Jodie puts you at ease immediately, and never once makes you feel silly about your eating habits - however random (mine definitely were!). She investigates your eating life without feeling like she’s prying and suggests super-easy ways to improve that already fit in with your lifestyle. 

My sessions with Jodie felt like a total partnership. I definitely learnt a lot about how food can make you feel.'

G, 27, Journalist

'I had been on antibiotics for a chronic urinary tract infection for 2 years and I had come to the point where I was questioning this. A friend of mine recommended Jodie to me and I had a great experience.

She has a lovely energy and really listened to me and considered all parts of my life; current eating habits, shift work patterns, family, exercise, routine, plans for pregnancy and my social life.

Jodie came up with a realistic plan and recommended recipes and supplements. She was very knowledgeable about how to heal my gut and how to prepare for pregnancy. I decided to stop taking the antibiotics and changed how I ate, and have not had a UTI flare up for a long time. I am very grateful for Jodie’s support.'

H, 33, Nurse

'I had two sessions with Jodie to help maintain a healthy diet during my pregnancy. 

Jodie is approachable and has a lovely manner, instantly putting you at ease. She is an excellent listener and takes into account your own ideas and builds on them.  I left with lots of food lists and recipes, feeling more confident about the nutritional choices I should make. She also suggested supplements I could consider, specifically targeted at pregnancy. 

I would highly recommend Jodie to anyone seeking informative, practical, interesting and effective nutritional advice.'

G, 34, Teacher

'My consultations with Jodie really made a difference. 

I first visited when I was struggling with my digestion, lacking energy, in pain and feeling really quite sick. Nothing seemed to help and my problems had lasted for months. But right from my first consultation, which I thought might be daunting, Jodie made it easy and immediately had practical advice which was so helpful.

By unpicking what my symptoms were and slowing looking at what might help, Jodie came up with a plan and suggestions. Her approach was thoughtful, warm and instantly helpful. 

My symptoms steadily improved and I want to say the biggest thank you!'  

C, 67, Artist

'My consultation with Jodie was an eye-opener! Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition, food and health, but more importantly, she is a kind and compassionate listener who took the time to understand my health problems fully and helped me in a caring and supportive way.

I highly recommend her!'

T, 61, Artist