Jodie Abrahams


Jodie Abrahams

My story

I'm lucky to do what I love and to have found my passion as a nutritional therapist. I've learnt some valuable skills along the way (my career started in media, and I've been a teacher and worked for a charity).

I grew up in a health-conscious family. From an early age I understood that certain foods were 'good for me' and that others were less so. But it wasn't until I started really thinking about nutrition in my mid-20s that I began to tune into how the food I ate made me feel.

I was working long hours in a demanding job, when I started to make the connection between stress and my physical health. I worked with a nutritional therapist, followed her recommendations and within a few months, the symptoms of hormonal imbalance I had been living with for years had resolved. I had also developed a new appreciation for the impact of food and lifestyle on my health as a whole.

My experience was so profound that it inspired me to study nutritional therapy.

My Expertise

I specialise in women's health and have 3 years' training in naturopathic nutrition. My particular area of interest is how food and lifestyle affect our hormones and everything they impact on - including our emotions, moods, energy levels and cycles.

Often, longstanding symptoms are closely linked with external and environmental factors. As well as how and what we eat, these can include the quality of our sleep, emotional stress, our home or work environments and the ways we move our bodies.

I also have a keen interest in skin. I know that as an outward sign of internal imbalances, skin conditions like acne and eczema can be what finally prompt women to address longstanding health niggles.  Skin issues can also go hand in hand with symptoms like PMS, stress and digestive problems, and the psychological impact of skin problems can also contribute to other symptoms.

I use a range of different strategies and techniques to support, motivate and empower you to address your health concerns.

Not only is Jodie extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition, food and health, but more importantly, she is a kind and compassionate listener who took the time to understand my health problems fully and helped me in a caring and supportive way.
— T, 61, Artist

qualifications & professional membershipS

I hold a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist working one to one with clients providing personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. I am registered with the CNHC , which is the UK voluntary regulator for complementary therapists. See my consultations page for more information on my nutritional therapy services.

I am also a  BANT Registered Nutritionist, delivering talks and workshops and writing on nutrition for a range of audiences and publications. See my featured in page for more details of this work. 

I take part in continuing professional development to further my professional knowledge and skills. I am fully insured.